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In Gallery Update
21Mar 08

Probably most known view of Yosemite Valley. Call it a business card or postcard. Anyway, it was hard to pass it by. This picture was taken this January when we were going skiing to the Badger Pass. Unfortunately, snow slide cut the road to the Badger and we had to turn around. We did not regret as we spent day hiking and snow downhill sledging snowy slopes of Yosemite Valley. We had a lot of fun.

Yosemite. Tunnel View.

… and family photo from the same spot. πŸ™‚

In Gallery Update
9Mar 08

Photos from the trip to Uvas Canyon which is located between Morgan Hill and San Jose, CA. This year, in contrast to previous one, is abundant with precipitation. January was especially wet. At least here in Bay Area. So last few weeks were perfect for photographing waterfalls. We did not play to do extensive hikes for this season.

Uvas Canyon is very accessible and conveniently located. Waterfall loop starts right at the parking lot and goes along the Uvas Canyon Creek. Along the the way you can see 3 relatively big waterfalls and several picturesque rapids. It’s perfect for short hikes with little kids. We’ve arrived in late afternoon and did not have much time to explore all waterfalls in the area. But those we reached and photographed were spectacular and completely worth the visit. Upper Falls and Black Rock Falls are most beautiful and biggest. First picture shows Upper Falls.

Upper Falls

Upper Falls

Uvas Canyon


P.S. Afterwards, we found out that we missed one of the park gems – Uvas Falls. No wonder, as it’s not even marked on the park maps (bump!). Here’s the link to the “missing” waterfall:

We’ll check it out next year. πŸ˜›

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