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Sony finally showed a successor of popular and highly regarded (according to dpreview) A700. David Kilpatrick as always has a good insight on new gear from Sony.


Besides A7XX and A5XX Sony showed mockups of a new compact equipped with either APS-C or 4:3 lense mount. 2 more DSLR lenses were shown as well.

  • 24mm/f2
  • 500mm/f4 G

Fall Colors 2009

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Merced River (warm colors)

. . .

Fall colors

Autumn came to theses part of the world! Time to go and take some fall colors pictures. Again, check out Carol Leigh’s blog if you’re looking for best place and time to take your fall season masterpiece.


Wild Flowers Blogs

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3Apr 09

Flowers Closeup

Wild Flower blooming reports and other related resources I recommend to check out:

Wildflower Hotline by Theodore Payne Foundation

Central California Wildflowers (Nature Alley by Nature Ali)

Carrizo Plain Wild Flowers Report

California Vernal Pools

Of course, Carol Leigh’s blogs

Flowers continue blooming in California. Get your gear and take pictures of them. 😉

P.S. Our gallery has obvious issues with comments. Old comments are not showing under pictures anymore by default. We’re trying to figure out why it happened after the upgrade. Sorry for inconvenience.

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