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Why local gallery is undergoing (endless) rebuild, I keep posting new photos on 500px and flickr.



and here:


Sony finally showed a successor of popular and highly regarded (according to dpreview) A700. David Kilpatrick as always has a good insight on new gear from Sony.


Besides A7XX and A5XX Sony showed mockups of a new compact equipped with either APS-C or 4:3 lense mount. 2 more DSLR lenses were shown as well.

  • 24mm/f2
  • 500mm/f4 G

70 Years of Minolta

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25Sep 09

semi-minolta-iii-a dynax-9

Very ineresting article about 70 years history of Minolta and its cameras on Photoclub Alpha:

Sony A900 Announced

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1Oct 08

A900 image

Since I started tradition of posting news from Sony/Minolta world, omission of such a big news would not be excusable. Here it is, long awaited Full Frame Sony. Check out dpreview’s preview (sorry for the pun).

As always, David Kilpatrick gave a good a look at the new gear. His insightful articles could be found at

I personally like the headline picture from dpreview showing both A700 and A900. Look at those 50/1.4 Minolta branded lenses! Minolta is still alive!


It’s interesting to compare A700 and A900 side by side (click on the image to zoom it in). Essentially, A900 looks like an upgraded and scaled up A700. As many reviewers noticed, A700 users will feel home while handling A900 body. Funny enough, huge pentaprism housing on top of the camera drew the most attention and became a subject of jokes from Canikans. Well, if you buy camera to be fashionable, then you better spend your money on Louis Vuton and Prada. Real photographer does not care how his camera looks. Right? 🙂

Good report with videos and hands-ons on new cameras including Sony A350.

A350 with Grip A350 with Swivel Screen

As a Minoltian guys I’m keeping my eye on news from Sony camp closely. At last PMA Sony managed to surprise the market by announcing new entry level DSLR’s with live view. This is fully functional Live View, i.e. focusing and all other functions are intact when Live View is turned on. Kudos to Sony!

Here’s the link to press release on dpreview site:

Some lucky sony/minoltians managed to lay their hands on new camera and even post first preview:

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