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Moonbow Revisited

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This year in Yosemite is special. A lot of water and floods. Usually moonbows are more intense during snowmelt in May. This year because of late spring and rainfalls in May, snowmelt reached maximum in June. Waterfalls are still abundant in July by the way.
Here’s my attempt to reshoot moonbow in 2001. Waterfall was very strong, you can tell that from the picture. I have not seen bow that long in other pictures actually.

Natural Bridge in the Fog

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12Sep 10

As you can tell from title picture for this blog, I really like natural bridges. Most popular natural bridge is located in Santa Cruz. Another one is father south down the Pacific coast in Big Sur in Pfeiffer State Park. It’s somewhat hard to find, but it’s definitely worth the effort if you happen to be driving by Hwy 1. Pfeiffer Beach is gorgeous and words hardly can describe it. Long and wide strip of sand framed by sheer mountain ridge, pink sands (yes it’s really pink in some spots!), big natural bridge and rock formation, high and strong tide waves make it picturesque in all respects. Unfortunately Big Sur is famous for its foggy and windy weather. So usually during summer days you should expect beach being covered with thick layers of fog. Photographers however prefer to shoot this location in perfect weather. One classic shot is when sunlight lits up inner side of the bridge. Here’s one of the examples:
fire in the hole
Rock formation on North side of the beach becomes photogenic during sunsets, but without help of sky colors it may look too dull to shoot. Fog is not a helper in that situation.
Anyway, I’ve done my homework and finally was able to find the place. Well, weather was very sunny and warm along the Pacific Coast from Half Moon Bay all the way to Monterey that day, but Big Sur was covered with fog. Pfieffer Beach was not an exception. I did few test shots and was about to leave the beach as weather did not promise anything. To me reward, right before sunset multilayered fog opened up the sky a little and created weird orange saturated ambient light. It lasted literally for couple minutes and then became dull and gray. Anyway, I was able to take several shots of the bridge with orange cast and think they’re worth to show.
I liked the place and will most likely come back there in October/November when fog usually less intense along the coast.

Like always, you have to click on the picture to open up full size version. I like this vertical composition over horizontal which you can find in the gallery as well.



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My frist attempt to photograph well known phenomenon called Moonbow in Yosemite. June’s Moon Bow was perfect in sense of intensity and also because occurred at nights from Friday and Saturday and then with less intensity from Saturday to Sunday which is very convenient for working people like me. 🙂
Anyway, my first attempt of taking picture of bow was close to blow… no pun intended here. First off, me and my friend were too late for event. Second, when we finally arrived to Yosemite valley, we rushed toward the lower fall Vista Point and got lost in the middle of woods. When we reached the Vista, it was already packed with literally hundreds of photographers and tourists. I was impossible to get a spot for picture. It was also a bad idea to be there because lower fall was at its peak and was making everything including lens and camera wet in seconds. I missed on everything: exposure, focus, composition…. When I eventually figured out right composition and exposure, I forgot about focus and clean up the lens. And then bow disappeared. It was sad. Anyway, we’re learning on our own mistakes. I promis not to make same mistakes next year. 🙂

Moon Bow

Rodeo Beach

That’s probably my favorite subject – Ocean Sunset.  This picture was actually taken this evening at Rodeo Beach near San Francisco. Gallen Rowell made it even popular with his famous pictures of rock formation on the north part of the beach. This beach is also famous for its black sands. Surprisingly enough this November evening was very warm and windless, though morning was really windy and uncomfortable. Sunset was not as spectacular when after rain horizon got painted in all shades of red, vanilla red and magenta. And today sky was clear. That was my first try to take pictures of famous rocks. I did not try to copy Gallen’s work. In his picture he used very long exposure to wash out waves and water. Also his picture was taken at low tides, so he was able to create interesting foreground with small rocks which were hidden today.

I must admit, my composition is simpler and somewhat boring. But in my picture I was able to capture last rays of sunlight and unique color of sands at Rodeo Beach. Yes, sand there is black! Hope you like this picture.

I can’t give a direct link to Gallen’s picture, but you can easily find it yourself by clicking on Coastal California folder on his website:

Fall Colors 2009

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Merced River (warm colors)

. . .

Fall colors

Autumn came to theses part of the world! Time to go and take some fall colors pictures. Again, check out Carol Leigh’s blog if you’re looking for best place and time to take your fall season masterpiece.


Fog came to the city. Usually July-August are the most foggy months in Bay Area. That’s when photographers rush to local mountains and Golden Gate area to shoot pictures of the city and bridges blanketed with fog. Combinations of light and fog are unlimited and unique. If you’re lucky you may catch one of those moments that nobody shot before. I’ve not been lucky yet, but hunt is on and camera is ready. 😛

Golden Gate in Fog


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