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Why local gallery is undergoing (endless) rebuild, I keep posting new photos on 500px and flickr.



and here:


I know most of you don’t like to register on blogs. So here we go. Now you can use your facebook or twitter accounts for staying in touch with us. Happy commenting!

New Look

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4Mar 12

Yes, we’ve got a new look. Actually our previous theme was hacked. We looked at other themes and stopped on the same old theme (slightly updated) with white background. Hope you like it.
Bad news. Comments in the gallery were lost because. Not sure how it happened. Most likely it was a result of miscommunication between us and the hoster. mysql database for gallery was very slow because of spam messages and unsuccessful attempt of cleaning it up. After all those experiments we’ve removed old comments table and forgot about that. Backups don’t have old version of comments either. Sorry about that. Comments are currently disabled in the gallery. We’ll reenable them eventually.

Natural Bridge in the Fog

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12Sep 10

As you can tell from title picture for this blog, I really like natural bridges. Most popular natural bridge is located in Santa Cruz. Another one is father south down the Pacific coast in Big Sur in Pfeiffer State Park. It’s somewhat hard to find, but it’s definitely worth the effort if you happen to be driving by Hwy 1. Pfeiffer Beach is gorgeous and words hardly can describe it. Long and wide strip of sand framed by sheer mountain ridge, pink sands (yes it’s really pink in some spots!), big natural bridge and rock formation, high and strong tide waves make it picturesque in all respects. Unfortunately Big Sur is famous for its foggy and windy weather. So usually during summer days you should expect beach being covered with thick layers of fog. Photographers however prefer to shoot this location in perfect weather. One classic shot is when sunlight lits up inner side of the bridge. Here’s one of the examples:
fire in the hole
Rock formation on North side of the beach becomes photogenic during sunsets, but without help of sky colors it may look too dull to shoot. Fog is not a helper in that situation.
Anyway, I’ve done my homework and finally was able to find the place. Well, weather was very sunny and warm along the Pacific Coast from Half Moon Bay all the way to Monterey that day, but Big Sur was covered with fog. Pfieffer Beach was not an exception. I did few test shots and was about to leave the beach as weather did not promise anything. To me reward, right before sunset multilayered fog opened up the sky a little and created weird orange saturated ambient light. It lasted literally for couple minutes and then became dull and gray. Anyway, I was able to take several shots of the bridge with orange cast and think they’re worth to show.
I liked the place and will most likely come back there in October/November when fog usually less intense along the coast.

Like always, you have to click on the picture to open up full size version. I like this vertical composition over horizontal which you can find in the gallery as well.


Looks like Gallery2 is getting obsolete. Actually WPG2 plugin is getting out of date and sometimes pain to work with, as it was not updated in long time and has definite compatibility issues with WordPress 2.7. And, frankly, Gallery2 is way too slow, though it’s one of the most flexible and powerful gallery scripts out there. It’s time to try out alternatives. Here’s a good start point, post about gallery plugins for WordPress:

What do you think?

Victoria’s site with Animation Demo Reel and Art Gallery is finally up. Check it out!



You would ask how this news is related to this site? The answer is simple, this game is our baby where Aleksandr was a programmer, Victoria – a designer and animator and Diana – tester. We’re proud and happy to announce its release in the App Store.

Our family studio website is

We have a limited number of iTunes promocodes. So if you want to try this game out, let us know.

Here’s few screen shots from the game.




RSS Feed

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22Nov 09


I’ve been asked about how to follow updates in our gallery. That’s right, we have RSS feed here and you can easily subscribe to it. Just click RSS icon in the right upper corner. That’s it! We don’t use twitter much to post updates, so RSS is the best way to get updates right to your favorite RSS reader.

Little Photo Award

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15Oct 09

My picture of Santa Cruz Natural Bridge, which is also currently a title banner of this blog, won a Honorable mention at Foster City Photo Contest in Landscape division.

Thanks! 🙂

Natural Bridges

We’ve finally fixed the comments menu in the gallery. Now, if you’re a registered user, you can add and view comments under albums and individual photos. Sorry, for inconvenience.

We’re also moving DNS to new host. Site may be unavailable for few hours or so. Stand by.

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